ECO Friendly Range

Made by nature our Biodegradable , Compostable and Robust Green Collection range offers a comprehensive choice of products that has minimal impact on the environment without compromising on performance. Here are some of the key materials that go to make our Green Collection  a truly sustainable and practical solution for the ever increasing eco-conscious consumer.

Bagasse – a natural by- product of sugar fibres it is both renewable and compostable ( EN 13432). The product is suitable for hot fills, microwave (+100 0C) and freezers. Once composted it turns to soil in 8 weeks.

PLA – a clear material made from Cornstarch that once converted to a resin is versatile to use as a barrier coating or formed container with a temperature range between -4 0C to + 40 0C (EN 13432)

Wood – our products come from managed forests with a programme of replacing threefold every tree used in production. Products are made primarily from birch,poplar or pinewood and carry the FSC approved certification.

Bamboo – considered one of the fastest growing plants on the planet requiring little water for growth  this 100% biodegradable material  is both ideal and practical for many serving products.

Palm – By collecting the sheaths of a palm tree that naturally fall, cleaning them thoroughly in  fresh water  it is possible to produce eco-friendly plates and bowls without even having to cut down the tree.

Cardboard / PLA  Laminate –  this material combination allows us to offer a complete range of cups,containers, boxes and bags with good rigidity and clarity where needed. The board is FSC certified  and with the PLA cellulose film the finished products are made from a 100% renewable resource.

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