UNO is the trading name for our creative design and promotional service.

The name identifies the key elements of the service – UnlimitedNecessary and imaginative Options.

No business, whether at the start up stage, or successful and established, can expect customers to automatically arrive at their door.  Businesses have to actively promote themselves to ensure  potential customers understand what sets them apart from others. The aim as always, to increase market share in an increasingly competitive environment.

Developing ideas, creating designs and concepts in preparation for promotions and branding of product can be a time consuming and expensive business from traditional sources. This has led us to launch our new service UNO, utilising existing resources in terms of equipment and people, offering competitive rates and attractive price savings on projects and campaigns that can include finished goods.

The proposition is totally flexible with competitive rates for studio time only. This gives you total freedom to place your business with a supplier of your choice, whether printed cups, napkins or advertising materials. There is no obligation to purchase the finished goods from ourselves, but if you decide to do so we will reflect this in the package price for the total service that would otherwise not be available.


Unlimited – No similar service today allows customers to take advantage of in-house resources to work with their ideas and designs to build brand identity. Where we have equal, if not more knowledge of the catering industry than many traditional agencies and operate at a fraction of the cost. Combine this with accessibility to the products and you have a totally flexible service with unlimited potential.

Necessary – We recognise how important it is to consistently promote the identity and values of a business if it is to succeed and flourish in a highly competitive industry that is constantly changing.

Options – We have brought together a unique and essential range of products that will assist in promoting your business many of which can be personalised in small numbers at competitive rates. If you want exclusive wall art or individual pieces of personalised workwear it can be supplied.

We once again stress the service we are offering is totally flexible from an hour of studio time to developing a fully supported marketing campaign.

We have an experienced team ready to work with you,  keen to help with developing your ideas and marketing plans.

Eileen Truefitt

Sales and Development Executive

UNO Services.


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